Brow Code Microwave Gold Hot Wax 250gm

Design & Define Hot Wax

Sculpting your client’s brows has just been taken to a whole other level! Brow Code’s Eyebrow Hot Wax has been specifically designed for designing and defining the brows.

The Brow Code cruelty-free styling wax has been formulated to easily mould and create a defined shape to your client’s brow whilst removing every single hair.

The hot wax has a rich metallic gold colour and is enriched with a signature Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. We want your clients to have the ultimate brow styling experience.

  • Heat Wax

    Heat the wax until it is completely melted and smooth with a cream/honey consistency. 

    Check the temperature of the wax before use with a patch test on the inside of the wrist. Brow Code Wax is best used at 70° Celsius/158° Fahrenheit. The wax should be a honey consistency. If you find the wax too stringy, this means the wax is not warm enough.

    Prepare Eyebrow

    We recommend using an oil-free Cleanser and a cotton pad to wipe over the brow before waxing to cleanse the skin of any makeup and oils, prior to waxing.

    Apply Wax

    Always support the skin by pulling tight as you apply and remove wax to avoid discomfort and skin peeling.

    Apply wax to the brow in small sections with a wooden spatula, starting with the top end of the brow and working in the direction of the hair growth. Starting here allows for better flow and grip as this is where the hair ends. Leave a thicker edge at the end of the stip of wax applied.

    After spreading the wax, move the stick back and forth to tie off any stringy wax.

    Allow Wax To Cool & Remove

    Allow the applied wax to cool (min 10 seconds). 

    Raise the edge of the strip of wax slightly then pull off sharply pulling against the hair growth direction. 

     After hair removal, apply after-wax oil.

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