Looking For A New Sales Assistant

November 23, 2021

Looking For A New Sales Assistant

Position Description Overveiw

This is a fulltime position with some Saturday mornings per month.

Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am - 12:00 noon

As a sales assistant, you are at the frontline of a fast-paced store where no two days are ever the same. Expect to meet a whole range of people every day. Your role requires a high level of customer interaction, meaning you should have good customer facing and communication skills. A large portion of your work is serving and advising customers on the goods we sell. You will operate computers, cash registers, Eftpos, take orders, answer phone enquires, display, and price stock, and keep the store clean and tidy.

You will advise customers on the location, selection, price, delivery, use and care of goods available from the store, with the aim of encouraging them to buy and to return to buy in the future.

Major Duties include:

  • Customer Service
  • Technical advice to customers
  • Stock presentation & control
  • Ensure the security of the shop.
  • Operate computer & cash registers and accept payment, or prepare finance arrangements (invoices, for example)
  • Take special orders. Arrange for the repair of damaged goods or advise on necessary repairs.
  • Package goods for local customers and arrange delivery (local orders)
  • Participate in stocktaking (counting and describing the goods in stock)
  • Monthly staff meetings
  • General duties

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Customer Service
  • Ensuring standards for quality customer service and health and safety are met.
  • Assisting shoppers to find the goods and products they are looking for.
  • Invoicing & cash register sales
  • Receipting
  • Order taking
  • Answering telephone
  • Pick & pack local deliveries.
  • Responsible dealing with customer complaints and advising Store Supervisor of issue.
  • Stock Transfers between stores
  1. Technical advice
  • Keep up to date on product knowledge by attending training sessions when provided.
  • Give technical advice to customers.
  • When required assist in the training of staff and customers
  1. Stock presentation
  • Price, stack, and display items for sale and keep the store tidy and attractive.
  • Assisting in maintaining stock levels in designated areas
  • General maintenance and cleanliness of the shop
  • Assist in stock ordering.
  • Receiving and storing the delivery of large amounts of stock
  1. Security
  • Being vigilant in stopping shoplifting and fraudulent credit cards etc.
  • Approach/greeting all customers who enter the store.
  • Check bags when necessary
  1. Operating register/computer
  • Being responsible for processing cash and card payments.
  • Generate customer invoice.
  • Generate cash sale for POS.
  • Balancing cash registers with EFTPOS receipts.
  • Ensure correct change is given.
  • Except account payments
  • Reporting discrepancies and problems to the supervisor.
  1. Special orders/repairs
  • Take details on product needed to order.
  • Take all details from customer.
  • Take deposit for special order if needed.
  • Contact customer if quoted price is wanted.
  • Notify customers when the item has arrived.
  • Arrange repairs to be sent to appropriate repair agent.
  • Ensure all contact details are fixed to the repair item.
  • Contact customer if quote on price in needed.
  • Contact customer when repair item has returned.
  1. Local Orders
  • Pick & Pack local deliveries.
  • Advise on time of delivery.
  1. Stocktaking
  • Participate in daily stock counts.
  • Recount any variances.
  • Participate in yearly counts.
  • Reporting discrepancies and problems to the supervisor.
  1. Meetings
  • Weekly shop meetings to action complaints or changes
  • Go over Monthly Promo Sheets, budgets
  • Staff training/ product knowledge
  1. General Duties
  • Product pricing
  • Opening and closing shop when required
  • Cleaning office and empting bins
  • Checking emails daily

Which skills are required to become a sales assistant?

You must have a friendly and engaging personality; a confident manner be comfortable working with members of the public. You will be on your feet a lot of the day so dare we say comfortable shoes will be a must. You will be a part of a total sales team when your knowledge grows so does the team’s knowledge so you will need to have a comprehensive understanding of all stock carried the store as along with participating in all education programs.

Performance Goals:

Complete tasks on time. Purchase stock on time for customer orders (i.e., hair extensions)

Deal with clients, suppliers, and other employees professionally always.

Take a leading role on the shop floor, contribute to weekly meeting express new ideas to resolve issues. Be involved in stocktakes to ensure stock levels are correct.

Ensure the office and shop is clean and presentable always, vacuum, empty bins, dust shelves if necessary.

Assist with putting away stock.

To apply, please write to matt@wchb.com.au with your resume and cover letter,

Post to Westcoast Hair and Beauty Supplies 53 West Fyans St. Newtown Geelong 3220 (must be received before 19th July).

Pop in store and drop your resume in person. 

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